Learn to Code Vertical Laptop Stand

Brief introduction of the object that we will be designing in this course. It will take 2 minutes of your time to get a glimpse of the process.

What You will learn

Learning how to program computers is not an easy task. In this short course we teach you parametric geometry programming by creating a code and a 3D model which afterwards is manufactured through 3D printing. Code gets translated into the tangible object. This feedback loop between code, 3D design and physical manufacturing allows you to better remember the programming concepts which we will teach you. If you're not interested in learning how to program you can simply grab the script directly from our public gallery.

Author of the course

Hi, I'm Matas, the author of this course and the creator of our web application. The picture on the right shows my home office setup where I already placed a few objects designed on Bit by bit developers platform. I enjoy the process of programming 3D models, manufacturing them and teaching others how to do the same. I really hope this free course will help you conceptualise some of the parametric design principles, get you started with TypeScript programming and demonstrate how our platform can help your design thinking materialise.

Image showing vertical laptop holder in home office setup

We will use TypeScript programming language to code the parametric 3D model for our multi slot laptop holder. We will learn by doing.


After our 3D model is done we will use additive manufacturing techniques to create a real tangible object. At every phase of the process we will be able to inspect the model and see how code affects 3D world.

3D Print

The purpose of our process is to create a useful laptop holder, which you can put on the table. Our designed object will hopefully live further and remind you what you have learned.

This course is free for everyone!

Share your designs

We are happy to provide a free content for you to learn from and grow both as a Bit by bit developer and as parametric designer. Consider giving back to the community by sharing your scripts with other users of our platform by making your projects Public.