Why this course

I will teach you the main things you have to understand before writing your own programs. Many of the concepts outlined in this course can be applied later in your career when learning text based programming. Visual blocks create a great mental picture that helps you remember the basic ideas of programming much better. I recommend that all beginners who do not yet know how to program try visual programming first. When you will understand the basics you can move on to other languages.

Course for Beginners

This is a good introduction to programming even if you have no experience in it yet. I go through some of the basic visual scripting concepts such as variables, functions, lists, loops, block composition, abstraction and others.

By coding small scripts in visual programming language I use various 3D objects in order to make examples more memorable. You can opt in and code together with me or just go through the videos in your own pace.

If you already know how to program, but you never tried visual programming, I think this course will also be of value.

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